11 Aug 2018

Concert Review – Sail On: The Beach Boys Tribute

Hearing a Beach Boys tribute band is one of the last things on my bucket list. I must admit my love for them and my respect for Brian Wilson have grown immensely watching “Love and Mercy” and listening
6 Aug 2018

100 Songs That Didn’t Make the Top 40 – Part 8

In this segment, you’ll be reminded of some songs that will have you turning your head and saying, “What? They played the crap out of that song and it didn’t hit the Top 40?” “New Year’s Day”
2 Aug 2018

Songs That Didn’t Make the Top 40 – Part 7

Some classic rock staples here, along with some alternative rock legends with songs that didn’t make the top 40: “Time for Me to Fly” – REO Speedwagon – #56 (1978), #77 (1980). Now a regular on classic rock