Steve Eggers + Mike Viola = Pop Music Perfection

Nines frontman/songwriter Steve Eggers updated his Facebook status the other day with a bombshell: He might be collaborating with Mike Viola on a new project. Fellow power popster Bleu may be involved as well.

For those not familiar with either one: I’ve been raving about the Nines ever since this blog began – Eggers writes pop charms that are instant earworms. Even his demos and throwaways are top-notch.

Same for Mike Viola – His former band, The Candy Butchers, were a two-man group that created infectious melodies as well. He sang lead on my all-time favorite pop song, “That Thing You Do.” Viola has since gone solo, and has continued to amaze fans with his wit and creativity. I just mentioned the other day that he’s collaborating with Mandy Moore on her new album.

The thought of these two guys writing songs and performing together boggles my mind. Something may blow up. They may create some black hole like that supercollider in Europe. They may summon John Lennon’s spirit. Have I hyperbolized this enough yet?

Write away, boys. I’ll be waiting impatiently.

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