11 Apr 2008

There Is Hope: Adrian Bourgeois

Remember Bourgeois Tagg’s “I Don’t Mind At All”? Brent Bourgeois must have played lots of Beatles music to his son, Adrian, in utero. Adrian’s now a singer-songwriter as well, and his self-titled debut reeks of Beatlesque pop
11 Apr 2008

An Early History of R.E.M.

I know I’m posting an awful lot of R.E.M. stuff lately (and there’s more to come over the weekend – sorry), but in researching a post, I came across this fantastic three-part series on R.E.M.’s career as
8 Apr 2008

Desert Island Disc #1: Whatever – Aimee Mann

I’m starting a new feature called “Desert Island Discs.” Each week, I’ll highlight an essential (and usually overlooked) album that should be a part of any music lover’s collection. The first week I’ll start off with my