Need an Autumn Playlist?

autumnleavesI don’t know anyone who doesn’t like autumn.

Sure, you’re out there somewhere. For some reason, you dislike the leaves turning gorgeous, almost unnatural shades of red. You miss the sauna-like temperatures of the summer and dread the cool breezes that come whistling in the evening hours. You hate talk of Halloween and Thanksgiving. Maybe you just despise raking.

But this is my favorite period of the year – a time of contradictions. Beautiful changes in the color of leaves are a sign that they’re dying. The welcome cool breezes means that the harsh reality of winter is right around the corner. And as I explained in my original post introducing this mix, it reminds me of a time in college in which I was scared and lonely, but looking toward the future with a subdued optimism.

The songs in this mix try to reflect that mood. Some are apparent in their inclusion (“The Birds are Leaving,” “October”). Some are beautiful but sad. Some are upbeat but feature bittersweet lyrics. It should remind you of all the wonderful misery that the season can throw at us.

Over the past four years, I’ve made my Autumn Playlist available in a variety of formats. First, when people listened to MP3 files on their computer, it was in a giant zip file that you had to download. Now through the magic of Spotify, I can just put this little widget below and let you listen to the mix right now. Unless, of course, you’re trying to listen on your mobile phone and don’t have a Spotify Premium account.

Sigh. One day I can just send you all this telepathically to the Google chip in your brain.

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