A much needed hiatus

20140721-194910-71350478.jpgOne of the worst things a blogger can do is not post anything for days or months. Then after those months have passed, you see the obligatory “Sorry it’s been so long since my last post! Things sure have sped by! I promise to do better!”

And then…nothing.It becomes as empty and desolate as real estate in Detroit.

This hiatus was not due to the fact that I was too busy, or forgot. This blog entered my head every day. But I had briefly lost the will to write.

I have been working on a novel for almost 10 years. It was historical fictional / alternate history involving a real rock n roll band. It was nearing completion, so I decided to run it by an attorney to make sure that it was okay from a legal standpoint, since it involved real people.

The attorney said I would probably win any court case if the band decided to sue for brand infringement (anyone can sue anybody at this point), but I quickly realized that even frivolous lawsuits would involve thousands of dollars in court costs and much worrying on my part – something I was not ready to face.

So i decided to shelve the book, knowing that I got this far with it, but mentally and emotionally, I was exhausted. Writing just seemed like work at that point, with very little payoff. So I decided to take a few months off. I still love music. I still love to express those feelings through writing.

Yes, I hope to continue the posts and fight that kiss of death that all infrequent bloggers face. For those few of you who read my blog, keep me honest and timely. I need that. See you soon. I promise.

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