Ke$ha Flops on SNL

Ke$haI finally got to witness the craze that is Ke$ha on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend. Color me unimpressed.

I had already been warned that she could be fodder for a Hmph article; after all, she sounded extremely shallow and foul-mouthed – one of her lines describes urinating in a bottle of champagne (The utterly descriptive title “Party at a Rich Dude’s House”). So I wasn’t expecting much.

She didn’t disappoint.

Her two performances on SNL were all style, no substance. It was a bad imitation of Lady Gaga, with her band dressing like astronauts for the first song. Then she applied fluorescent makeup all over her face for her second number, which was “sung” mostly flat. When she professed toward the end, “It’s Saturday Night, let’s go make out,” she sounded pretty bored. And so was I.

Apparently Ke$ha is smart – a near-perfect score on her SAT. So the following Facebook and Twitter updates must be an act:

  • “Heyyyy guyssss watch snl this saturday if u wanna see me in action!! Sooo excited!”
  • “Me n gangsterrrtrr crew”
  • “I love fat baby animals. Nothing cuter in the world then [sic] fat baby animals.”
  • “yo yo yo – errything im wearing tonight on idol is FAUX (FAKE) fur and recycled feathersss.. just to let yall know kittenzz.. luvluvluv x”

What does it say about the current state of popular music when supposedly intelligent people misspell words and say stupid things in order to portray themselves as hip? Oh, c’mon! This is about keepin’ it real! According to her Wikipedia entry, her music is “a celebration of youth and life and going out and getting crazy. I’m about non-pretentious irreverence and f**k off good fun!”


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