Hey, Chris Robinson: Lay off Taylor Swift

So Black Crowes lead singer Chris Robinson, not having Kate Hudson around to get in the spotlight anymore, decided last week to generate a little press of his own by picking on Taylor Swift, of all people. Obviously, he didn’t consult his publicity person, because picking a fight with Taylor Swift is PR suicide – just ask Kanye, who finally decided to apologize for last year’s MTV stunt.

Anyway – back to the drama. Says Robinson: “I find it embarrassing that adults are like, ‘Taylor Swift is very talented.’ She’s not. She might be cute, but she’s horrible.” He then complains that Swift has stylists and producers who “play chords into computers” (Really?) and make everything sound perfect.

Now, I’ve already written about, and most people realize, that Taylor Swift does not have the strongest voice in the world. And Swift, like many artists, sounds better on disc than she does live. But Swift’s strengths lie not with her voice, but with her songwriting. It’s a rarity for such a young performer to write and sing her own songs. So the album is overproduced. She’s playing songs with chords, a melody and lyrics that, while somewhat naive and juvenile, are clean and heartfelt.

So what’s up, Chris? Upset that you haven’t had a Top 40 single in 20 years?  (Oh, and your biggest success was a song you didn’t write.) There are plenty of talentless hacks out there to criticize. But even then, doing so does nothing to enhance your reputation and makes you look like an ass.

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