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13 Oct 2016

Autumn Playlist 2016

Each year, I post my autumn playlist, sometimes tweaking it a bit, but it generally stays the same. It captures my feelings about autumn – a bittersweet time of anticipation and remembrance mixed with a bit of
20 Aug 2016

Sneak Preview: ‘I’m in Love,’ Teenage Fanclub

Just as I write yet another post about Teenage Fanclub, word comes that they’re releasing their first album in six years. Entitled “Here,” the new album is due Sept. 9 and is available for pre-order at Americans
9 May 2016

The Monkees Are Back to Celebrate 50 years

The Monkees – go figure – have returned with a vengeance, getting Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo to write them a song so poppy it almost outdoes anything they’ve ever done in the past. The song, called “She Makes