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19 Nov 2016

Out of Time: 25 Years Later

Yesterday, R.E.M. released the 25th anniversary reissue of their breakthrough album, Out of Time. The album went multiplatinum, selling 18 million copies worldwide, and garnered R.E.M. three Grammy awards – two for the single “Losing My Religion.” It’s hard
23 Oct 2016

Review: Teenage Fanclub, Bottom Lounge, Chicago

There are very few bands I’ll shell out air fare for to go see. Teenage Fanclub is one of them, and since they weren’t making their way south as part of their quick tour of the United
13 Oct 2016

Autumn Playlist 2016

Each year, I post my autumn playlist, sometimes tweaking it a bit, but it generally stays the same. It captures my feelings about autumn – a bittersweet time of anticipation and remembrance mixed with a bit of