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5 Apr 2014

Footloose 30 Years Later: 10 Things that Don’t Make Sense

A few weeks ago on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” Kevin Bacon reprised his role as Ren McCormick in “Footloose” for a dance number that is quickly going viral. It brought back memories of the movie
29 Jun 2012

7 Underrated Paul McCartney Songs

Dear Paul, I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to wish you a happy 70th birthday. I’ve been bad. Didn’t even tweet about it, and how long does that take, 10 seconds? (Granted, you probably got about
16 Jun 2012

Lip-Stink: 7 Painfully Bad Lip Sync Moments

I’m sure to record executives and band managers, lip syncing is the equivalent of playing your third-string quarterback in the fourth quarter of a blowout. Minimize risk during an event that really doesn’t mean that much. For