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3 May 2008

5 Artists Who Would Sound Good Singing From A Phone Book

Alison Krauss Brad Delp Kate Rusby Paul Carrack Susanna Hoffs
15 Apr 2008

Top 10 Songs You May Have Forgotten

“Cry” – Godley & Creme. I hardly ever hear this song on the radio anymore, but it hits me hard every time I do. A simple guitar with a pulsing bass beat, coupled with aching vocals, is
5 Apr 2008

My SWSW 2008 Artists, Part 2

Holly Conlan (“OK”) – McCartney-esque, piano-based, Tin Pan Alley – that’s what I heard from the opening bars of “OK,” and she continues the theme throughout. Judging from her MySpace selections, she’s a little more downbeat, but