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1 May 2009

There is Hope – Um, Mandy Moore?

I’m still going through the gigabytes of mostly crap from SXSW festival (just got to the letter “P”); what was such a pleasant surprise last year is turning into a neverending chore that makes me wonder if
16 Jan 2009

There is Hope: The Explorers Club

Tasty World in Athens, Ga., is not so much a bar as it is a two-story dichotomy. The first floor is a veritable meat market, with UGA freshmen girls dancing, socializing and showing lots of bare shoulders.
20 Jun 2008

There is Hope: Nicole Atkins

For several years, Nicole Atkins has been poised on the brink of stardom. In 2006, she was named one of 10 Artists to Watch by Rolling Stone magazine. Last year, she was featured on an American Express