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17 Apr 2008

Hearing a New Beatles Single for the First Time

I was born in 1968 – two years before the Beatles broke up. I missed it all – the invasion of America in 1964, Sgt. Pepper, the Maharishi, the rooftop concert. By the time I started listening
15 Apr 2008

Top 10 Songs You May Have Forgotten

“Cry” – Godley & Creme. I hardly ever hear this song on the radio anymore, but it hits me hard every time I do. A simple guitar with a pulsing bass beat, coupled with aching vocals, is
4 Apr 2008

Flashback: My First Concert, Styx, 1983

There. I said it. Not only did I like Styx, but I saw them in concert. And this was not during the heyday of The Grand Illusion and “Come Sail Away.” No, this was after Kilroy was